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Angular 2+ service doesn’t feel being shared across components?

Probably the reason is that you’ve declared it as a component provider, not app provider. Shared service has to be declared in app.component.ts in “providers” section:

  declarations: [
    // Some declarations
  imports: [
    // Some imports
        { enableTracing: true }
  providers: [
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule { }

If you declare it in component declaration like this:

    selector: 'my-component',
    templateUrl: './templates/my-component.component.html',
    providers: [MyService],

then a fresh instance of a service will be created, instead of using a app-wide one.

If you need a service instance shared across components, declare it app-wide. If you need a distinct service instance for a component, declare it as a component’s provider.

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