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Presenting my own project: Mapkeen – travellers network

Hi all,

Although it’s active work in progress, I’m happy to present a project I’ve recently launched – Mapkeen. Before I tell you about the project, couple words about myself.

During the last 4 years, I had an opportunity to travel to different countries. Those were not casual travels, I had to live for several months in a bunch of those. So-called “slow-travelling”. This has quickly became my passion and caused an addiction, however this kind of drug is nothing but good – exploring the world, widening knowledge of different cultures and people. I love this so much, so I wanted to share something with people I’ve been friends or relatives with.

Now let’s turn on some imagination. My family and friends – they all live in different countries on 3 different continents. The more I travel, the more stories, pics and vids I have. Imagine telling those a bunch of times – that won’t be much fun. So I thought – what if I create an application to get all people together and give them an opportunity to share their travel stories?

Here comes Mapkeen. The BIG idea is not yet implemented – I’m still working on it. However, right now you would be able to create a profile and start creating your trip history. Every trip has dates, destinations and you can add a story to it. Thanks to the way this information is gathered, visited destinations get highlighted on your map, also some stats are provided. The more we work, the more interesting the map and stats are to become.

If you share my love and passion for travels, please join Mapkeen. You can either subscribe for news there or follow this blog as new features are to be release soon. The one we currently have been working on is to make map show not only whole countries, but visited regions and cities as well. Also we keep working on making the application more reliable, stable and quick.

If you have ideas, thoughts or any other input, please feel free to share in comments. I will highly appreciate that!


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