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World GeoJson repository release v2.0.0: areas boundaries

I’m happy to announce that second release of my world-geojson repository is finally online. First release was about countries, and countries there included all the areas mentioned above. But in most cases when you say United Kingdom, you don’t think about Montserrat or South Sandwich islands, although they belong to the Crown. That’s what this release is about:

  • countries being associated with or managed by another countries
  • overseas territories
  • regions not being part of a country mainland

Full list of the areas introduced in the release is in the bottom of this post.

I want to mention that it is quite tricky to choose which countries to split to areas, and which not to. So while doing that I used Google Places API to verify if the area is recognized. For example French Polynesia is recognized, so it was separated from France mainland. But if we take a look on Malaysia, we see that it’s split between two major islands. Informally they are called as “West Malaysia” and “East Malaysia”. However, Google Places don’t recognize such a query, so Malaysia remains as is in this release. Finally you might find it handy that all the areas are compatible with Google Places API.

Also second release contains several fixes for the countries boundaries too. Added US Virgin Islands, improved UK boundaries, added Mayotte and Reunion, etc.

Next release would be about countries states. That would be big, as Russia alone has about 90 states, and in addition to that there are US, China, India, Brasil, Indonesia and other countries. Don’t expect next release soon, but it will definitely come one day.

If you want to contribute in any way – advice, fix, additions – welcome to comments.

Full list of areas introduced in release 2.0.0:

  • Denmark (3): Mainland/Greenland/Faroe Islands
  • Ecuador (2): Mainland/Galápagos Islands
  • France (18): Mainland/Corsica/French Guiana/Guadeloupe/Martinique/Mayotte/Réunion/Clipperton Island/French Polynesia/New Caledonia/Saint Barthélemy/Saint Martin/Saint Pierre and Miquelon/Wallis and Futuna/French Southern and Atlantic Lands
  • Italy (3): Mainland/Sardinia/Sicily
  • Netherlands (7): Mainland/Bonaire/Saba/Sint Eustatius/Aruba/Curaçao/Sin Maarten
  • New Zealand (12): Mainland/North Island/South Island/Tokelau/Kermadec Islands/Chatham Islands/Three Kings Islands/Antipodes Islands/Auckland Islands/Bounty Islands/Campbell Island/Snares Islands
  • Norway (3): Mainland/Svalbard/Jan Mayen
  • Portugal (3): Mainland/Azores/Madeira
  • Spain (3): Mailand/Canary Islands/Balearic Islands
  • United Kingdom (21): United Kingdom/England/Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland/Isle of Man/Guernsey/Jersey/Gibraltar/Akrotiri and Dhekelia/Bermuda/Turks and Caicos Islands/British Virgin Islands/Anguilla/Cayman Islands/Montserrat/Pitcairn Islands/Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan de Cunha/British Indian Ocean Territory/Falkland Islands/South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
  • USA (17): Mainland (to be splitted to states)/Palmyra Atoll/Guam/Northern Mariana Islands/Puerto Rico/United States Virgin Islands/American Samoa/Baker Island/Howland Island/Jarvis Island/Johnston Atoll/Kingman Reef/Wake Island/Midway Atoll/Navassa Island/Serranilla Bank/Bajo Nuevo Bank
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World GeoJson repository release v1.0.0: countries boundaries

I am proud to announce first release of World GeoJson repository. It contains all the countries boundaries with the best quality available for commercial use so far.

Example of quality. Other repositories do not care about small islands so much, I do.

You can download it from GitHub or use as a Composer package:

"repositories": [
            "type": "git",
            "url": ""
    "require": {
        "georgique/world-geojson": "1.*"

This data was created manually using tool, which uses Mapbox, OCM and OSM maps. So the data would be perfectly displayed on these maps, but it has some minor incompatibilities with Google Maps: northern areas and some tiny islands. I’m going to keep working on these issues and get them fixed.

Next release would be about areas boundaries. Some countries have external territories, e. g. Denmark besides the mainland has Greenland and Faroe Islands. I’m going to split them. Date of the next release is not known yet.

Happy using!

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World country and state boundaries in GeoJSON

I’ve recently started my own project and got into a need for information about countries boundaries, including states boundaries for bigger countries. After googling I’ve found either GADM information which is not allowed to use for commercial purposes or various sources with very bad quality information: missing islands (even the big ones), bad detalization. So I decided to “make” gather that info myself.

I have created a GitHub repository for this sub-project, going to fill it in couple months (I hope). All the boundaries will be polygons in GeoJSON format. They will keep looking good on scales up to 1:10000000. I publish it under Creative Commons license, so it is free to be used and modified.

If you want to contribute, I would highly appreciate that. I use GeoJson tool to create polygons. Prior to creating them, I zoom to a scale when 20km is displayed in bottom-right corner. For smaller countries I suggest to go to 10km-zoom. That will guarantee good quality of the boundaries on the declared zoom.

I’m open to questions, suggestions and thanks in the comments. :)

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